Sage – 16.5′ SOF Aleut Kayak

This is the second kayak I constructed, and in many ways the one I have taken the most risks in. I started building these boats because I realized that I didn’t trust the objects I made. So to address this, I wanted to build something that I had to trust my life to. There is nothing quite like sitting in the pacific ocean, many kilometers from shore in a boat you constructed from scratch to settle the question of if ones faith in oneself is misplaced.

It is pattered after an Aleut kayak that resides in the Lowe Museum, catalogue number LM2-14886. Plans are available on David Zimmerley’s page. I modified those plans by increasing the deck height to get more storage, adding in hatches of my own design to allow for easier loading, and changing the hull shape slightly to add stability.

For more information on the construction of this boat, please refer to my blog.

There also are photos of my trips to The Broken Islands and Maligne Lake.

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